Why Outsource HR?

Top reasons for outsourcing HR functions:

  • Control legal risk/improve compliances
        Save money & reduce operating costs
  • Gain access to the latest industry technologies
        Web based HR portal and timekeeping system
  • Improve offering of employee benefits and perks
        Compete for and retain top talent
  • Spend more time on your company's business
        Increase productivity and profitability

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About Teamwork Services, Inc.

Since 1989, Teamwork Services has offered comprehensive HR services designed to support your management team and valued employees. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), our co-employment relationship allows you to have day-to-day control over managing and directing your employees while we manage regulatory compliance, payroll processing and tax filings, benefits administration, workers' compensation administration, employee relationship management, and more. With our dedicated and experienced team, we offer a high level of value-added customer care and service which is key to our role as your trusted advisor to mitigate HR risks and liabilities.

If you hesitate on some of your answers, you need us!

Employee Thresholds

Based on the number of employees you have, which federal labor laws apply to your company?

Social Security Number Verification

Your new employee's social security card looks legitimate, but you're not quite sure. How will you handle this?


A laborer in your company says he has incurred a back injury and will no longer be able to pick up more than 25 lbs. How will you handle this?

State Specific Laws

Georgia is an employment-at-will state, which means you can fire anybody for anything, right?


Your employee comes in a few minutes early each day with breakfast in hand. Do you have to pay her for the early time?


What are the laws when it comes to employee privacy rights?

Providers, Partners, Affiliations


Employee Benefits Management

Employer-offered benefit programs are designed to reward continued employment, enable employees to live healthier, less worrisome lives and promote loyalty within an organization. Since employees are the greatest asset for any organization, our professional management and administration of these benefits will help recruit and retain talent while also providing tax advantages to both the employer and the employee.